Journal of the European Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy


Original articles

  • Short-term recovery after NovaSure® endometrial ablation: a prospective cohort study

    I.M.A. Reinders, M.R.D. van de Kar, P.M.A.J. Geomini, J.C. Leemans, J.W.M. Maas, M.Y. Bongers

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  • Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on surgery for severe endometriosis in the UK: a national database study

    J. Lewin, E. Saridogan, D. Byrne, T.J. Clark, A. Vashisht

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  • Visualising surgical training in O&G following the COVID-19 pandemic - The European view

    R. Hablase, R. Mallick, F. Odejinmi

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  • Effectiveness and patient satisfaction with office hysteroscopic polypectomy in patients with symptomatic endometrial polyps

    M. A. Céspedes Martínez, J. Rovira Pampalona, M. Degollada Bastos, R. Izquierdo Argelich, J. Bou Tapias, M.D. Flores Laura, P. Brescó Torras, M.D. Carugno Jose

    Abstract | PDF

  • The ‘chicken-egg-model’: a simple in vitro model for 3D-ultrasonography and elastography

    M. Vanthienen, K. Dewilde, T. Van den Bosch

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