Journal of the European Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy


Number 4

Volume 9, December, 2017

  • Original papers

    • Lack of pain relief during labor is blamable for the increase in the women demands towards cesarean delivery: a cross-sectional study

      O.M. Shaaban, A.M. Abbas, R.A. Mohamed , H.A.A. Hafiz

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    • The Belgian Obstetric Surveillance System to monitor severe maternal morbidity

      G. Vandenberghe, K. Roelens, V. Van Leeuw, Y. Englert, M Hanssens, H. Verstraelen

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    • Ethnic disparities and morbidity in the Province of Antwerp, Belgium

      C. Claeys , L. De Souter, G. Martens, E. Martens, B. Blauleiser, E. Faes, F. Caris alias Reynders, K. Wuyts, Y. Jacquemyn.

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    • The impact of single versus double blastocyst transfer on pregnancy outcomes: A prospective, randomized control trial

      O.M. Abuzeid, J. Deanna, A. Abdelaziz, S.K. Joseph, Y.M. Abuzeid, W.H. Salem, M. Ashraf, M.I. Abuzeid

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  • Systematic review

    • The value of postpartum ultrasound for the diagnosis of retained products of conception: A systematic review

      J. De Winter , H. De Raedemaecker , J. Muys , Y. Jacquemyn

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  • Hypothesis

    • External factors affecting fertility, and how to correct their impact

      F.H. Comhaire, W. Vandenberghe, W.A.E. Decleer

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  • Case report

    • Prenatal diagnosis of multiple large subchorionic placental cysts with intracystic hemorraghe

      I. Witters, P. Sieprath, C. Van Holsbeke, C. Theyskens, K. Deraedt

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  • History of medicine

    • Kurt Semm (1927 – 2003)

      J. Van Robays

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