Journal of the European Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy


Number 3

Volume 9, September, 2017

  • Editorial

    • The revival of intrauterine insemination: evidence-based data have changed the picture

      W. Ombelet

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  • Original papers

    • Maternal and neonatal outcomes in a treated versus non- treated cohort of women with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus according to the HAPO 5 and 4 criteria

      A.-S. Maryns, I. Dehaene, G. Page

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    • Correlation between follicle dimensions recorded by patients at home (SOET) versus ultrasound performed by professional care providers.

      L. Dalewyn, E. Deschepper, J.Gerris

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    • Patients’ ideas, expectations and experience with self operated endovaginal telemonitoring: a prospective pilot study

      S. Verdonckt, J. Gerris

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  • Structured review

    • The prognostic value of perifollicular blood flow in the outcome after assisted reproduction: a systematic review

      S. Huyghe, A. Verest, A.Thijssen, W. Ombelet

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  • Case reports

    • Mini-laparoscopic hysterectomy for adenocarcinoma in situ of the uterine cervix using interchangeable 5-mm end effectors: a way to cross the line of minimally invasive surgery in gynaecologic oncology

      A. Galvao, D. Goncalves, Morgado Alexandre, H. Ferreira

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    • Uncommon presentations of an uncommon entity: OHVIRA syndrome with hematosalpinx and pyocolpos

      Abstract | PDF

    • Vaginal lichen sclerosus: report of two cases

      J. Xavier, P. Vieira-Baptista, A. Moreira, R. Portugal, J. Beires

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  • History of medicine

    • Kurt Semm (1927 – 2003)

      J. Van Robays

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