Journal of the European Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy

Implementation of hysteroscopy in an infertility clinic: The one-stop uterine diagnosis and treatment

R. Campo1,2,3, R. Meier2, N. Dhont1, G. Mestdagh1, W. Ombelet1

1Genk Institute for Fertility Technology, ZOL Hospitals, Genk, Belgium.

2European Academy for Gynaecological Surgery, Leuven, Belgium.

3European Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy, Leuven, Belgium.

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Ambulatory, diagnosis, hysteroscopy, infertility, MRI, one-stop approach, tissue sampling, sonography, ultrasound

Published online: Dec 31 2014


Magnetic Resonant Imaging (MRI) has demonstrated that we can differentiate the uterus in 3 important functional areas. Exploration of the uterus in the infertile patient should implement the evaluation of the endometrium, the Junctional zone myometrium (JZ), the outer myometrium and the cervical canal. Especially the JZ myometrium should receive our close attention in the exploration and treatment of the infertile patient.
MRI cannot be implemented as a screening examination but also limiting the imaging of the womb to a 2 or 3 D ultrasound exam only does not meet the scientific requirements of sensitivity and specificity.
Modern ambulatory uterine diagnosis in a one-stop approach includes transvaginal ultrasound, fluid mini Hysteroscopy, contrast sonography and endomyometrial tissue sampling.
Transvaginal Ultrasound being the gold standard for global uterine screening has a cardinal importance for diagnosis of myometrial disorders and uterine congenital malformations whereas hysteroscopy remains the gold standard for the evaluation of the endometrium and cervical canal. The major challenge remains to perform a tissue sampling of the endo-myometrium in an ambulatory, patient friendly and reliable way for which the newly designed Trophy hysteroscope provide a satisfactory answer.
This one-stop approach opens a total new and advanced dimension to the screening, diagnosis and treatment of uterine pathology in the infertile patient.