Journal of the European Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy


Infertility in public health: the case of Norway

Johanne Sundby

Section for International Health, University of Oslo, Post box 1130 Blindern, 0317 Oslo, Norway.

Correspondence at: Tel: +47 22850598;


Infertility, IVF, human rights, legal issues, reproductive politics, reproductive technology

Published online: Oct 05 2010


Infertility is a health issue that demonstrates how unequal access to health care is at a global level. In the poorer segments of the world, and in poor parts of wealthy societies, access is often minimal or non-existent. Public and lay attitudes to modern infertility treatment have been heavily debated alongside development of methods. I have looked at the changes in the public discourse in modern media, legislation, politics, and among professionals. The paper seeks to present and discuss some of these changes as they have evolved in one of the countries that have had one of the more strict laws regulating access to treatment, namely Norway. It is a country that nevertheless offers treatment in the public health system. The paper also tries to connect this discussion to the difficulties faced in every attempt to expand infertility services to the developing world.