Journal of the European Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy


Number 3

Volume 15, September, 2023

  • Editorial

    • Evidence-based and experience-based medicine, which comes first: the chicken or the egg?

      B. Ata, E. Saridogan

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  • Opinion and perspective

    • Minimally invasive pelvic exenteration for gynaecological malignancies: the challenge of patients’ selection

      N. Bizzarri, V. Chiantera, M. Loverro, A. Ercoli, G. Vizzielli, G. Scambia

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  • Original articles

    • A proof of concept that experience-based management of endometriosis can complement evidence-based guidelines

      A. Wattiez, L. Schindler, A. Ussia, R. Campo, J. Keckstein, G. Grimbizis, C. Exacoustos, W. Kondo, C. Nezhat, M. Canis, R.L. De Wilde, C. Miller, A. Fazel, B. Rabischong, A. Graziottin, P.R. Koninckx

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    • Efficiency based updating of evidence based surgical guidelines - Experiences from a multidisciplinary guideline upon Minimally Invasive Surgery

      F.H.M.P. Tummers, S.F.P.J. Coppus, B.W. Lagerveld, A. Demirkiran, E.S. van Schrojenstein Lantman, T.A. Brouwer, W.A. Draaisma, F.W. Jansen

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    • Development and validation of GLVS (Generic Laparoscopic Video Scoring System), a tool for assessment of laparoscopic skills in gynaecology using videotaped procedures: Are edited videos representative of their full-length version?

      S. Khazali, A. Bachi, T.T. Carpenter, A. Moors, K. Ballard

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    • Long term sexual outcomes of Mayer Rokitansky Küster Hauser Syndrome patients after Uncu-modified Davydov procedure

      K. Aslan, T.B. Gurbuz, A. Orhan, I. Kasapoglu, K. Ozerkan, G. Uncu

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    • Implementation of robot-assisted myomectomy in a large university hospital: a retrospective descriptive study

      M. Tahapary*, S. Timmerman*, A. Ledger, K. Dewilde, W. Froyman

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    • Perspectives on training in obstetrics and gynaecology during the COVID-19 pandemic: Thematic analysis of trainee responses from a pan-European survey

      H. Khattak, F. Boekhorst, G. Topcu, A. Horala, M. Henriques, H. Woodman

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    • An institutional study: Does Body Mass Index influence surgical approach, surgical morbidities, and outcomes in endometrial cancer patients?

      P. Español, A. Luzarraga, N. Teixeira, C. Soler, R. Luna-Guibourg, R. Rovira

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  • Short communication

    • Practice of laparoscopic prolapse surgery in Europe – ESGE Survey

      B. Lambert, L. de Landsheere, GK. Noé, R. Devassy, H. Ferreira, J. Dubuisson, J. Deprest, R. Botchorishvili

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  • Study protocol

    • vNOTEsHC : Hysterectomy by transvaginal natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgery versus laparoscopic for large uteri: study protocol for a multicentre randomised controlled trial

      J. Druenne, E. Presles, T. Corsini, S. Campagne Loiseau, S. Curinier, A. Mansour, G. Lamblin, Q. Reboul, C. Chauleur

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  • Video articles

    • Isthmocele correction: resectoscopic, laparoscopic or both?

      C. Smet, B. Nogueira, D. Vilarinho, I. Rodrigues, J. Reis

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