Journal of the European Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy


Partial bicorporeal uterus with unexpected cervical findings and a longitudinal obstructing vaginal septum – a case report

H. Ahmad1, B. Pouseele1

1 Department of gynaecology, O.L.V. Van Lourdes Ziekenhuis, 8790 Waregem, Belgium


Mullerian anomaly, case study, triple cervix, cervical anomaly, OHVIRA

Published online: Jun 30 2023


Mullerian duct anomalies are prevalent in 4-7% of the female population and come in many different shapes and forms. A lot of effort has already gone into trying to classify these anomalies, and some are still found that do not match any of the subcategories. We report a 49-year-old patient, presenting with abdominal pressure and recent onset of abnormal vaginal bleeding. A laparoscopic hysterectomy was performed, which revealed a U3a-C(?)-V2 mullerian anomaly with three cervical ostia. The origin of the third ostium remains unclear. Early and correct diagnosis of Mullerian anomalies is of the utmost importance to provide individually tailored care and to avoid unnecessary surgeries.