Journal of the European Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy


Number 3

Volume 14, September, 2022

  • Editorial

    • Outcome reporting for heavy menstrual bleeding

      T.J. Clark

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  • Review

    • Variation of outcome reporting in studies of interventions for heavy menstrual bleeding: a systematic review

      N.A.M. Cooper, R. Papadantonaki, S. Yorke, K.S. Khan

      Abstract |

    • Obturator nerve endometriosis: A systematic review of the literature

      A. Kale, Y. Aboalhasan, E.C. Gündoğdu, T. Usta, E. Oral

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  • Opinion and viewpoint article

    • Reconsidering evidence-based management of endometriosis

      P.R. Koninckx, A. Ussia, S. Alsuwaidi, B. Amro, J. Keckstein, L. Adamyan, J. Donnez, M.C. Martin, A. Wattiez

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  • Original articles

    • Endometrial polypectomy using tissue removal device or electrosurgical snare: a randomised controlled trial

      J. van Gemert, M.C. Herman, P. Beelen, P.M Geomini, M.Y. Bongers

      Abstract | PDF

    • Preoperative pain measurements in correlation to deep endometriosis classification with Enzian. Deep endometriosis classification in relation to pain

      J. Metzemaekers, M.D. Blikkendaal, K.E. v. Nieuwenhuizen, K. Bronsgeest, J.P.T. Rhemrev, M.J.G.H. Smeets, J. English, F.W. Jansen, S. Both, A.R.H. Twijnstra

      Abstract | PDF

    • The ongoing impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on endometriosis patients: A survey of 1,089 UK patients

      J.I. Spencer, G. Mezquita, F. Shakir

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    • “Learning from the experts” – a novel advanced cadaveric course for Gynaecological Oncology (GO) Cytoreductive Surgery

      M. Sideris, A.M. Elshaer, R.L. Johnson, S. Kotwal, S. Mehta, A. Quyn, R. Saunders, J. Tiernan, V. Upasani, G. Theophilou

      Abstract | PDF

    • V-NOTES hysterectomy under spinal anaesthesia: A pilot study

      E.C. Gündoğdu, E. Mat, Y. Aboalhasan, G. Yıldız, G. Başol, K. Tolga Saraçoğlu, G. Arslan, A. Kale

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  • Video articles

    • Endometrial preservation during resection of type II and type III submucosal fibroids

      G. Vorona, E. Saridogan

      Abstract | PDF

    • A rare case of extrauterine schwannoma-ike leiomyoma after transvaginal hysterectomy: laparoscopic management

      M. Medvediev, A. Tinelli

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  • Image

    • Impact

      Koen Vanmechelen


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