Journal of the European Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy


Number 4

Volume 13, December, 2021

  • Editorial

    • Endometriosis classification/staging and terminology- Are we getting closer to finding a universally accepted language?

      S. Khazali, E. Saridogan

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  • ESGE pages

    • International Consensus Statement for recommended terminology describing hysteroscopic procedures

      J. Carugno, G. Grimbizis, M. Franchini, L. Alonso, L. Bradley, R. Campo, U. Catena, C. De Angelis, A. Di Spiezio Sardo, M. Farrugia, S. Haimovich, K. Isaacson, N. Moawad, E. Saridogan, T.J. Clark

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    • An International Terminology for Endometriosis, 2021

      International Working Group of AAGL, ESGE, ESHRE and WES, C. Tomassetti, N.P. Johnson, J. Petrozza, M.S. Abrao, J.I. Einarsson, A.W. Horne, T.T.M. Lee, S. Missmer, N. Vermeulen, K.T. Zondervan, G. Grimbizis, R.L. De Wilde

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    • Endometriosis classification, staging and reporting systems: a review on the road to a universally accepted endometriosis classification

      International Working Group of AAGL, ESGE, ESHRE and WES, N. Vermeulen, M.S. Abrao, J.I. Einarsson, A.W. Horne, N.P. Johnson, T.T.M. Lee, S. Missmer, J. Petrozza, C. Tomassetti, K.T. Zondervan, G. Grimbizis, R.L. De Wilde*

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  • Review articles

    • What to choose and why to use – a critical review on the clinical relevance of rASRM, EFI and Enzian classifications of endometriosis

      G. Hudelist, L. Valentin, E. Saridogan, G. Condous, M. Malzoni, H. Roman, D. Jurkovic, J. Keckstein

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    • Indirect and atypical imaging signals of endometriosis: A wide range of manifestations

      A. Vigueras Smith, R. Cabrera, C. Trippia, M.Tessman Zomer, W. Kondo, H.Ferreira, L. Carttaxo Da Silva, R. Sumak

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  • Original articles

    • Improving IUI success by performing modified slow-release insemination and a patient-centred approach in an insemination programme with partner semen: a prospective cohort study

      W. Ombelet, I. Van der Auwera, H. Bijnens, J. Onofre, C. Kremer, L. Bruckers, G. Mestdagh, R. Campo, N. Dhont

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    • Laparoscopic morphological aspects and tentative explanation of the aetiopathogenesis of isolated endometriosis of the sciatic nerve: a review based on 267 patients

      M. Possover

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    • Short stay laparoscopic hysterectomy: An evaluation of feasibility and patient satisfaction

      L. Antoun, P. Smith, Y. Afifi, K. Cullis, T.J Clark

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    • Fibroid vascularisation assessed with 3D Power Doppler as predictor for fibroid related symptoms and quality of life; a pilot study

      A.L. Keizer, L.L. Niewenhuis, W.J.K. Hehenkamp, J.W.R. Twisk, H.A.M. Brölmann, J.A.F. Huirne

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    • The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on care of women with ectopic pregnancy in a tertiary London hospital

      J.E. Gaughran, D.M. Geddes-Barton, T. Lyne, F. Bailey, C. Ovadia, T. Holland

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  • Case Reports

    • Laparoscopic sacral hysteropexy for pelvic organ prolapse in a patient affected by marfan syndrome: a case report

      G. Campagna, L. Vacca, D. Caramazza, G. Panico, S. Mastrovito, G. Scambia, A. Ercoli

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    • Diagnosis and treatment of uncommon ileal endometriosis: a case report and literature review

      M. Mabrouk, D. Raimondo, M. Cofano, L. Cocchi, R. Paradisi, R. Seracchioli

      Abstract | PDF

  • Video article

    • Laparoscopic management of a full-thickness uterine niche with subsequent pregnancy outcome

      D.Z. Kasapoglu, L.Y.O Tang, R.A. Kadir, F. Shakir

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