Journal of the European Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy


Original articles

  • The severity and frequency distribution of endometriosis subtypes at different ages: a model to understand the natural history of endometriosis based on single centre/single surgeon data

    P.R. Koninckx, A. Ussia, A. Wattiez, L. Adamyan, D.C. Martin, S. Gordts

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  • 4K versus 3D total laparoscopic hysterectomy by resident in training: a prospective randomised trial

    S. Restaino, V. Vargiu, A. Rosati, M. Bruno, G. Dinoi, E. Cola, R. Moroni, G. Scambia, F. Fanfani

    Abstract | PDF

  • Impact of surgeon learning curve in minimally invasive radical hysterectomy on early stage cervical cancer patient survival

    L. Pedone Anchora, N. Bizzarri, V. Gallotta, V. Chiantera, F. Fanfani, A. Fagotti, F. Cosentino, G. Vizzielli, V. Carbone, G. Ferrandina, G. Scambia

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  • Survey: acceptability of opportunistic bilateral salpingectomy in Flanders

    A.S. Maryns, A. Makar, T. Hamerlynck, B. De Vree, P. Tummers, W.A.A. Tjalma

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  • Daily practice management of septate uterus: reproductive outcome after septoplasty

    L. Rousseau, G. Brichant, M. Timmermans, M. Nisolle, L. Tebache

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  • Minimally invasive management of juvenile cystic adenomyoma: report of three cases

    M.R. Said, H. Afaneh, O. Zaghmout, K. Moses, O.J. Young, M.I. Abuzeid

    Abstract | PDF