Journal of the European Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy


Total laparoscopic hysterectomy (TLH) with endosuturing compared with conventional technique using energy sources

V. Marwah 1, S. Dutta 1, S. Kedia 1, P. Mittal 1

Division of Minimally Invasive Gynecology Surgery, Institute of Minimal Access, Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery, Max Healthcare Institute Ltd., Saket, New Delhi, India.


Total laparoscopic hysterectomy (TLH), endosuturing, energy sources, thermal injuries

Published online: Jun 28 2021


Background: The aim of the study was to demonstrate the technique of total laparoscopic hysterectomy (TLH) with intra-corporeal endosuturing using simple sutures and basic surgical instruments and compare with TLH using electric coagulation equipment i.e. energy sources with regard to operative time, blood loss, postoperative stay and pain scores.

Methods: A retrospective study was undertaken, in Max Super Specialty Hospital Saket, from June 2015 to May 2018, which included 586 cases of TLH (for benign gynecological conditions), of which 287 were performed using intra-corporeal endosuturing (Group 1) and 299 were performed using energy sources (Group 2). To avoid bias, baseline matching was done for body mass index (BMI), indications for surgery, size of uterus, previous abdominal surgeries and comorbidities like diabetes and hypertension after which there were 172 patients in each group.

Results: The mean age of patients was 48.24 ± 6.76 years. All operative outcomes including operative time (104.1 ± 22.6 vs 107.6 ± 32.6 mins, p=0.25), blood loss (78.9 ± 101.6 vs 99.7 ± 177.6 ml, p=0.19), pain score (2.5 ± 1.3 vs 2.7 ± 1.2, p=0.13) and post-operative stay (2.05 ± 0.2 vs 2.07 ± 0.3 days, p=0.36) were similar between the two groups. Uterine size was the major determinant of operative time and operative blood loss.

Conclusion: TLH with intracorporeal endosuturing can be performed safely and gives results comparable with TLH performed using energy sources. Advancement in suturing devices can decrease operative time further and potentially make it easier and more acceptable.