Journal of the European Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy


Original articles

  • The impact of COVID-19 on obstetrics and gynaecology trainees; how do we move on?

    R. Mallick, F. Odejinmi, M. Sideris, E. Egbase, M. Kaler

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  • Sentinel lymph node detection in endometrial cancer with indocyanine green: laparoscopic versus robotic approach

    N. Bizzarri, S. Restaino, S. Gueli Alletti, G. Monterossi, A. Gioè, E. La Fera, V. Gallotta, A. Fagotti, G. Scambia, F. Fanfani

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  • Prognosis in fertilisation rate and outcome in IVF cycles in patients with and without endometriosis: a population-based comparative cohort study with controls

    J. Metzemaekers, E.E.R. Lust, J.P.T. Rhemrev, N. Van Geloven, A.R.H. Twijnstra, L. Van Der Westerlaken, F.W. Jansen

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  • Changes in route of hysterectomy in Norway since introduction of robotic approach

    M.L. Johanson, M. Lieng

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  • Critical Role of 3D ultrasound in the diagnosis and management of Robert’s uterus: a single-centre case series and a review

    M. Deenadayal, V. Günther, I. Alkatout, D. Freytag, A. Deenadayal-Mettler, A. Deenadayal Tolani, R. Sinha, L. Mettler

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  • Retrospective observational RT-PCR analyses on 688 babies born to 843 SARS-CoV-2 positive mothers, placental analyses and diagnostic analyses limitations suggest vertical transmission is possible

    G. Bahadur, M. Bhat, S. Acharya, D. Janga, B. Cambell, J. Huirne, W. Yoong, A. Govind, J. Pardo, R. Homburg

    Abstract | PDF