Journal of the European Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy


Original papers

  • The relationship between stigmatisation and quality of life in Ghanaian women and men with fertility problems: mediating role of coping strategies

    F.B. Van Rooij, H.M.W. Bos, T. Gerrits, R.A. Hiadzi, E.S. Donkor

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  • Safety and efficacy of hysteroscopic resection of uterine leiomyoma embedded at the base of a uterine septum

    O. Abuzeid, M. Ibrahim, S. Joseph, J. Herbert, M. Abuzeid

    Abstract | PDF

  • Multiple myomectomy to aid fertility treatment - surgical and fertility outcomes: a retrospective cohort study

    Y. E. Şükür, E. Saridogan

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  • The management of women with thoracic endometriosis: a national survey of British gynaecological endoscopists

    M. Hirsch, L. Berg, I. Gamaleldin, S. Vyas, A. Vashisht

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