Journal of the European Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy


Number 2

Volume 12, June, 2020

  • Editorial

    • Editorial - The legend of modern hysteroscopic surgery

      Attilio Di Spiezio Sardo, Full Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology

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  • Original article

    • Evaluation of the laparoscopic component of GESEA Programme in two different groups: Obstetrics and Gynaecology Residents versus Participants in the Annual GESEA Diploma Course in Clermont Ferrand, France

      B. Bustos, R. Avilés, S. Paracchini, B. Pereira, R. Botchorishvili, B. Rabischong

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  • Research articles

    • Development and validation of a curriculum for laparoscopic supracervical hysterectomy

      J.M. Goderstad, E. Fosse, L. Sandvik, M. Lieng

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  • Review

    • Adenomyosis: Disease, uterine aging process leading to symptoms, or both?

      A. Protopapas, G. Grimbizis, S. Athanasiou, D. Loutradis

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  • Short communication

    • A European survey on the conservative surgical management of endometriotic cysts on behalf of the European Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy (ESGE) Special Interest Group (SIG) on Endometriosis

      G. Pados, A. Daniilidis, J. Keckstein, P. Papandreou, S. Gordts

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  • Opinion articles

    • Exploring the pros and cons of new approaches for gamete cross-border donation based on fresh and vitrified oocytes

      A. La Marca, M. Capuzzo, S. Bartolucci, F. Schirinzi, M. B. Dal Canto, J. Buratini, M. Mignini Renzini, A. Rodriguez, R. Vassena

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    • Getting back to business: considerations for restarting non- cancer gynaecological surgery following the COVID-19 peak

      F. Odejinmi, T.J. Clark, R. Mallick

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    • COVID–19: A Surgical Perspective for when the curve flattens

      G.N. Moawad, J.S. Klebanoff, P. Tyan, J.I. Einarsson

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  • ESGE pages

    • From complication to litigation: The importance of non- technical skills in the management of complications

      ESGE special interest group ‘quality , safety and legal aspects’ working group, A. A. Watrelot, V. Tanos, G.Grimbizis, E.Saridogan, R.Campo, A.Wattiez

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  • Case reports

    • Embryo migration following ART documented by 2D/3D ultrasound

      S.H. Saravelos, D.T. Balfoussia, G.W.S. Kong, J.P.W. Chung, J.S.M. Mak, C.H.S. Chung, L.P. Cheung, T.C. Li

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    • A septate uterus with double cervix during two pregnancies: pregnancy outcome before and after cervix sparing metroplasty. A case report

      E.B. Seljeflot, Ø.E. Nytun, S.B. Kjøtrød, M. Gergolet

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