Journal of the European Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy


Number 1

Volume 11, March, 2019

  • Editorial

    • 10 years later: Time for a change

      Ombelet W

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    • From the ESGE Editor

      Saridogan E

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  • Guideline

    • Evidence-Based Guideline on Laparoscopy in Pregnancy

      E. Ball, N. Waters, N. Cooper, C. Talati, R. Mallick, S. Rabas, A. Mukherjee, Y. Sri Ranjan, M. Thaha, R. Doodia, R. Keedwell, M. Madhra, N. Kuruba, R. Malhas, E. Gaughan, K. Tompsett, H.Gibson, H. Wright, C. Gnanachandran, T. Hookaway, C. Baker, K. Murali, D. Jurkovic, N. Amso, J. Clark, S. Thangaratinam, T. Chalhoub, P. Kaloo, E. Saridogan

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  • Consensus paper

    • Recommendations for a standardised educational program in robot assisted gynaecological surgery: Consensus from the Society of European Robotic Gynaecological Surgery (SERGS)

      P. Rusch, T. Ind, R. Kimmig, A. Maggioni, J. Ponce, V. Zanagnolo, P.J. Coronado, J. Verguts, E. Lambaudie, H. Falconer, J.W. Collins, R.H.M. Verheijen

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  • Original papers

    • Preconception laparoscopic transabdominal cervical cerclage for the prevention of midtrimester pregnancy loss and preterm birth: a single centre experience

      E. Saridogan, O.P. O’Donovan, A.L. David

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    • Treatment of ovarian endometriomas using plasma energy in endometriosis surgery: effect on pelvic pain, return to work, pregnancy and cyst recurrence

      E.K. Lockyer, A.M.F. Schreurs, M.C.I. Lier, J.J.M.L. Dekker, I. Melgers, V. Mijatovic

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    • Accumulation of embryos over 3 natural modified IVF (ICSI) cycles followed by transfer to improve the outcome of poor responders

      A.K. Datta, S. Campbell, N. Felix, G. Nargund

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  • Opinion paper

    • Heterogeneity of endometriosis lesions requires individualisation of diagnosis and treatment and a different approach to research and evidence based medicine

      P.R. Koninckx, A. Ussia, L. Adamyan, A. Wattiez, V. Gomel, D.C. Martin

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  • New perspective

    • IVF in Africa: what is it all about?

      W. Ombelet, J. Onofre

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  • PhD Summary

    • Bioengineering strategies of the uterus towards improving current investigative models and female reproductive health

      H. Campo

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