Journal of the European Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy


Number 2

Volume 10, June, 2018

  • Editorial

    • Accreditation and resulting clerical duties represent commercial excesses that are ethically and scientifically unacceptable

      Y. Jacquemyn

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  • Original papers

    • Reproductive outcomes after hysteroscopic metroplasty for women with dysmorphic uterus and recurrent implantation failure

      J. Ferro, E. Labarta, C. Sanz, P. Montoya, J. Remohi

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    • Safety and efficacy of two techniques of temporary ovarian suspension to the anterior abdominal wall after operative laparoscopy

      Omar M. Abuzeid, MD, John Hebert, MD, Mohammad Ashraf, MD, Mohamed Mitwally, Michael P. Diamond, Mostafa I. Abuzeid

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    • Mild stimulation approach for In Vitro Fertilization treatment: Retrospective data from one Danish Centre

      G. Almind, E. Faerch, F. Lindenberg, S. Lindenberg

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    • No influence of the indication of freeze-all strategy on subsequent outcome to frozen-thawed embryo transfer cycle

      T. Masschaele, F. Vandekerckhove, P. de Sutter, J. Gerris

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    • Vaginal progesterone for prevention of preterm delivery in women with twin pregnancy: a randomized controlled trial

      O. M. Shabaan, I. M. Hassanin, A. M. Makhlouf, M. N. Salem, M. Hussein, M. Mohamed, A. M. Abbas

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  • Opinion paper

    • HPV vaccination coverage in the federal state of Belgium according to regions and their impact

      W. A. A. Tjalma, C. Brasseur, G. Top, N. Ribesse, I. Morales, P. A. Van Damme

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    • HPV negative cervical cancers and primary HPV screening

      W. A. A. Tjalma

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